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things i miss

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Feb. 4th, 2011 | 11:46 pm
location: US, Illinois, Joliet, Will, Covered Brg, 1488

as this is the second month of twenty elevenand we ard still here i lay here wishing i was sleeping but cannot so thoughts of years past emerge. thigs that i miss...
the underground feeling that i had about surfing the net in 1997-98
the feeling of walking into a porno shop for the first time
the lackadaisy atmosphere of the cybercafe
the pay from working at the cybercafe
afternoons spent at netspace
the first lockin I went to at jjc where there was just enough room in th cafe for all the attendees
LANning at riches place aka snlp
the first party at burts where me and my DD got hammered
RP at jims
jim and his folks
parties Alex heard about that turned out "fluke"
kickin it with my post high school circle

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